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Specific targeting of referring physicians with a branded Physician Relation’s suite of tools.
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SSM Cardinal Glennon
Children’s Medical Center

Cardinal Glennon Kid's Kare Kit sales development tool

Having done a variety of projects for Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, the Physician Relations team of Paul Hartwig and Tom Gregory approached us with the problem of having limited time to personally visit the 1,500 doctor’s offices they serve. Paul and Tom needed efficient tools to assist in making Glennon the choice for referring patients for specialist, diagnosis and treatment. Out of this conversation the Kid’s Kare Kit was launched as well as a continuing series of tools that fulfill information needs in the complex issues of medical procedures. The Kit is a dimensional box packed with useful information that includes the Glennon Express Guide, StL-Superkids newsletter, brochures on childhood diabetes and skin safety, Poison Center brochures and Mr. Yuck stickers, and branded advertising premiums plus an order form to restock items as needed. It also included fold-over business-appointment cards for Glennon specialists.

SSM Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center physician communications