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Visual Brand Unity: Logan College
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Logan College of Chiropractic

Logan College graphic standards cover
Logan College graphic standards pages

Assignment: Unify the business and academic logos of Logan College, and extend to the Logan College Alumni Association, incorporating all into a Logan College Graphic Standards & Style Guide.

Upon arriving at Logan College, Tom Keller, the new Director of Public Relations, realized there were numerous logo and font formats being used randomly for varied Logan communications.

Tom enlisted us to review the current situation and suggest design and style recommendations culminating in a Graphic Standards & Style Guide as well as a suite of digital logo and stationery files for distribution to the Logan community and its suppliers.

Our goal was to create a unified system with standards advancing a consistent Logan brand. The work included refining their logo, recreating the academic logo to reflect a more contemporary and timeless look, and designing a new stationery system. The system included methods to distinguish their various departments within the College.

The Graphic Standards & Style Guide is a 38-page document defining the logo, its use, fonts and colors, and samples defining the stationery packages including paper choices and font usage, plus a brief style guide for punctuation and special usage, capitalization, grammar and abbreviation of states. This section concentrates on usage pertaining to both the academic and medical communities’ practices.

Further work with Logan College has included the design of both postcards and ads aimed at alumni, donors and the community, as well as prospective students. We have implemented a common look to again reinforce the Logan brand.

Logan College direct mail
Logan College awareness program